I’m so excited to share a special space I’ve been quietly working on! I was recently selected to take part in the annual FrogTape Paintover Challenge. The challenge tasks 15 designers with making over a space using FrogTape and $500. There are five different trends designers can choose to incorporate in their makeover. This year’s trends are Natural Beauty, Fun & Fearless, Place of Zen, Bohemian Zen, and Rich at Heart.

I chose the Rich at Heart trend which focuses on creating a space that that is rich in color, texture and glam.  The Rich at Heart trend embodies opulence and luxury in fabric and color, includes mixed metals, pattern, a bit of old Hollywood glamour and drama.

Channeling my DIY skills, I set out to create a luxe outdoor space perfect for everything from curling up with a good book, relaxing, watching the stars, to family time or even a little al fresco dining. Here are some photos of what the space looked like before I got started. As you can see it was pretty lackluster.

With vacation plans and excursions canceled due to COVID, I decided to make the most of our outdoor space and escape the monotony of staying home every day, by creating an outdoor oasis in my own backyard. What better time than now to create a retreat space at home! With a little ingenuity and some help from Frog Tape, the space turned out perfectly! The focal point and foundation of the fabulously dreamy getaway space is the turf rug I customized using Frog Tape.

The main project for the outdoor revamp was creating a custom turf rug using paint and FrogTape.  The rug grounds the design and is the foundation of the new oasis space.  I was really impressed with how well the FrogTape stuck to the turf. Even with all the texture of the turf, no paint seeped through and I was able to easily achieve straight lines.  Stellar product performance!

Designers often talk about bringing the “outdoors in,” meaning incorporating outdoor elements in your home’s design and décor. With this project, I did the reverse by bringing some of the comfort and drama of design elements traditionally used indoors outside to the deck.

Incorporating texture and pattern with the custom turf rug, cushioned seating with layered comfy pillows, mixed metals, elegant drapery, contrasting black and white patterns with vibrant yellow accents created an outdoor room that’s inviting while also evoking a sense of luxury, glamour and a bit of edge… the perfect escape without leaving home.

I’m really excited about this dramatic transformation!  Look out for my next blog post where I will share a step by step tutorial for the custom turf rug that played such a big role in the creation of this peaceful space!

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