I’ve got great news! A design project that is near and dear to my heart is featured in the summer issue of The Olive Guide.  My work is not only part of a multiple page spread inside the magazine, but also graces the magazine’s cover!

In the article entitled “Love is in the Details” (page 7), I share with the magazine’s editors details on my choice to take on quite the design challenge – to create a cohesive shared space for two very discerning clients – my daughters Jasirah and Sajayah.

The biggest factor in the design challenge was the girls’ ages. At the time, Jasirah was 13 years old and Sajayah was 7 years old.  If you know anything about children, I’m sure you know that children of those age groups are typically on completely different ends of the spectrum with regard to “likes” and “dislikes.”   How do you satisfy 2 clients that reside in the same space but seemingly have little in common?  I was faced with the task of creating a space that reflected both girls’ personalities and styles while maintaining an effortless sense of cohesion.

I designed the room around the one thing they both love – art.  We started with painting the walls a fresh coat of white and then began adding layers of color via the furnishings and decor. The result was a stunning space filled with a fresh mix of bold color and pattern combined with a bit of vintage and contemporary style.

The girls were smitten with all of the colorful elements as well as the cultural and fashion-inspired accents in their new space.
Details like covering favorite books with brightly colored scrapbook paper were simple and easy additions to the room’s design that really contributed to the fun and vibrant feel of the bedroom.

I love the juxtaposition of vintage and modern pieces incorporated in the room’s design!

This painted vintage wood desk works perfectly nestled between the 2 modern bright white dressers.  The mid-century chair with its unique curved lines is just the icing on top!

Jasirah is really into fashion design, mixing colors and patterns while Sajayah enjoys painting, working with clay and most arts and crafts activities. I decided to use a gallery wall with a diverse assortment of framed art to convey a sense of the girls’ passion for art as well as their heritage.

The vintage fashion and travel prints, inspirational quotes, lots of bright colors and fun pattern were incorporated into the gallery wall to help convey a sense of how we live, who we are as a family and who they are as individuals.  When I found this amazing piece by UAE contemporary abstract artist Amira Rahim, I knew it belonged in the girls room. After framing the piece in a simple black frame, I used a gold ornate frame to give the display more dimension.

Besides the fact the the room is truly a reflection of the my daughters, what I loved most about designing the space is that this sophisticated yet whimsical look was achieved using ingenuity, creativity and lots of love. This room proves that good design can be achieved on any budget by using carefully selected furnishings, color and decor. 

From using colored Duck tape to enhance the focal point mirrors above the bed, to using hi gloss black paint on the $50 armoire I scored on Craigslist, I pulled out all the stops and employed lots of designer know-how and savvy to complete this room for my daughters. This room is filled with some pretty amazing renovations and  DIY projects.  You wouldn’t believe what some of these pieces looked like before they got the Saudah Saleem Interiors treatment!

Love the custom chandelier that graces the magazine’s cover?  You’d be surprised to know what it looked like before I revamped it.  Head over to the article for a super easy 5 step DIY tutorial on how to get that same customized look in your own space.

It’s such an honor and thrill to be part of this amazing online magazine that showcases diversity in the interior design industry.  The Olive Guide is the brain child of talented design professionals, Ariene Bethea and Quintel Gwinn, and is the first publication of its kind.  The magazine offers readers a unique and refreshing perspective on both the design and creative industry.  Take a moment to check out the trailblazing magazine and get more scoop on the girl’s room here!

I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to tell me what you think of the girls new space in the comments section below! 

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    This is beautiful! I love the pops of color!

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    Thanks so much!

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