Today begins the holy month of Ramadan!  Each year, our family, along with billions of Muslims all over the world abstain from food and drink from sun up to sunset for the holy month of Ramadan.  It is a time for reflection, spiritual growth, being charitable and kind, making extra prayers, increasing good deeds, and challenging ourselves to be the best we can be.

During Ramadan, our family spends alot of time at home hosting guests for iftar (the evening meal eaten at the end of the daily fast), praying and reflecting together.

It’s really important to me to create a home environment that is festive, warm and welcoming for Ramadan. Adding fun, holiday touches around the house is also a great way to keep the family in the “Ramadan spirit” all month long.

Last week, the kids and I headed to Michael’s with plans to create simple decorative accents to add to the house for Ramadan. Our trip was a success. We returned home with lots of goodies!

Each day last week, we tackled a different area of the house, adding fun touches to commemorate the coming holy month. The living room was the first area of the house to get the “Ramadan upgrade.”

And what better place to start?  Our living room is the space in our home where we pray and also welcome guests.   Here’s how the area started out.  I decided we would use the fireplace mantle as the focal point for our decorations.

Since our Ramadan decorations will be up all month, I chose materials in a color pallete that compliments our living room’s existing decor.  We picked up a variety of scrapbook paper in lavender, pale blue patterns and white.

After perusing the internet, I came across these great mosque shaped printables which made the project easy for even the kids to do.

First we printed, cut out and traced the various shapes for the mosque (ie. the dome, doorway and minaret/tower) onto contrasting scrapbook paper.

Then we cut out the scrapbook paper and glued the shapes to white paper bags. Voila! Super simple but just wait until you see the completed project.

Here’s a look at the same space after we added our holiday decorations. 

Decorating using a variation of texture, pattern and even the subtlest colors creates visually interest.  

I think we’ve achieved that here. To give the display more dimension, we decorated the area in layers. The design elements work wonderfully together to create a look that is cohesive, festive and welcoming.

With the wide variety of scrapbook colors, patterns and even textures available on the market, it’s easy to select materials that will compliment any decor.

I love how the blue patterned scrapbook paper resembles mosaic tile.  

Next, using the small black favor boxes and self-adhesive glitter tape we picked up at Michael’s, we made miniature Kaabas. The Kaaba is a holy building located in Mecca.  at the center of Muslims face in Mecca.  Muslims face in the direction of the Kaaba when performing daily prayers, no matter where we are in the world.  It is a unifying experience performed 5 times per day. There’s a mini kaaba for each family member on the mantle.

We also hung a fun metallic streamer garland across the mantle.  We used the remaining lavender scrapbook paper to make circle garland and then draped DIY garland across the mirror panels.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the dates.  Dates are the traditional food Muslims end their fast with at the end of each day.  Like an appetizer, they’re typically served before the main course at iftars.

I like to use this silver serving tray to serve dates to guests.  We placed the dates front and center, a traditional welcome for our iftar guests.

I think the space turned out perfect.  The kids were so excited to see our simple yet fun and festive touches come together!

We came up with quite a few festive decorations to welcome the holy month.  I’ll be sharing them with you here on the blog over the next few posts. 

Stay tuned for a look at the festive touches we added to the dining room!


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