We are past the half way point of one of the most exciting design projects I’ve worked on. It’s now week 5 of the One Room Challenge, the highly anticipated interior design event that challenges participants to completely transform a space in 8 weeks.  With 20 Featured Designers, hundreds of Guest Participants and Better Homes and Gardens as the media sponsor,  you’re definitely in for a real treat!

If you’ve missed the updates from Week 1 , Week 2, Week 3, or Week 4, please be sure to go back and read all about my plan to transform 3 (yes, 3 spaces!)  in my home as a Featured Designer in the One Room Challenge.   You can also check out more details about the exciting design event here.

Project Update: How’s it coming along?

The weeks are literally flying by and there is still many details of the project left to sort out. A huge part of successfully closing out a project is going over the details and  making sure every possibility is covered.   Last week I shared a look at the primary bedroom and the design goals for the space. This week I’m sharing one of the major design details I’m most excited about including in the primary room transformation.

If you saw the “before” photos of the bedroom, you’d agree that transforming the space and creating a vibe of elegance and luxury with a hint of chic would require a some thinking outside of the box.

However, as a designer, my job is to see potential in even the most unexpected places. Transforming lackluster rooms into a jewel of a masterpiece is what we do! This project is no different.  On a quest for inspiration, I started by thinking about the elements I consider luxurious and chic.

What better way to take the bedroom design to the next level while making the room a warm and welcoming luxurious retreat than to add a fireplace.  Fireplaces give a warm, cozy feeling to any living space.   Adding a fireplace (yes FIREPLACE) would not only add just the right amount of warmth and architectural detail to the space, but it would also  provide extra heat. Win! Win!

DESIGN TIP: One of the most important things to consider when making updates in your home is what effect the update will have on  your home’s value.

Does adding a fireplace add value to a home? According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers: “A homeowner can often recover over 100% of the expenses associated with adding a fireplace upon selling their home. Adding a fireplace can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6 – 12%”.

Adding a fireplace to my home wasn’t in the initial plans but when I saw how simple it would be to add a SimpliFire electric fireplace insert to the space, I had to try it out.

Here’s a few peeks at the framing process. Using dry wall and 2×4 wood studs we created a surround and frame for the electric fireplace to be inserted.

I was amazed by the simplicity of the installation process.  We are well on our way to the elegant retreat I’ve been envisioning.

DESIGN TIP: Since there is no need for a chimney, gas line, venting, or costly maintenance, electric fireplaces are versatile and can go just about anywhere in a home where there’s electricity available.

The framing and installation was complete in 1 day. I cant wait to show you the final look. It definitely elevates the space and takes the design to a completely new level. 

Good News!

Adding an electric fireplace is a project that can be tackled in one weekend.  As we head into the cooler months, what better time than now to give it a try? Good News! You can use my special code (SALEEMINTERIORS10) now through 12/31/2021, to receive 10% off any SimpliFire fireplace on 

Thanks for stopping by and following along!  Next week I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes photos and the scoop on another special design detail I’m adding in the bedroom. Want to see what my fellow Featured Designers are up planning for their spaces?  Check out the links below!

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  1. Deborah Main October 31, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    This is a great weekend project! I had no idea a fireplace could be added this way. We already have a built in one, which we use all the time in the winter. Look forward to seeing your finished room!

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