If you missed the updates from Week I or Week II, be sure to go back and read all about my plan to transform 3 (yes, 3 spaces!)  in my home as a Featured Designer in the One Room Challenge.   You can also check out more details about the exciting design event here.

Project Update: How’s it coming along?

Last week I shared the mood board and design plan for Zaria and Samori’s shared bedroom. This week I’ll give you a look into what’s planned for the transformation of my son Saleh’s bedroom.  At 17, Saleh is quickly approaching manhood and requires a room that reflect his growth, new interests while inspiring him to continue pursue his academic and athletic passions (he’s a 4.0 student, competitive swimmer and basketball player).

The room will include hints of fun street style combined with a “grown-up” cool, collected and curated feel.

Saleh’s bedroom is short on square footage, so it will also require creative storage and display solutions too. Here’s a checklist of goals we want to achieve in the space.

As I mentioned last week, after listing the design goals for the space, I typically create what’s called a mood board.   This really helps build and tell the design story for the room.

DESIGN TIP : Creating mood boards help to visualize ideas and concepts and is a great starting point for any design.  It helps you hone in on your ideas and better define your game plan for the room.

Mood boards are one of the best visual communication tool in a designers tool bag, The arrangement of images and materials help to convey the overall vibe of the space you want to create. Here’s a look at the mood board I created for Saleh’s cool and collected room.

Let There be Light!

I’m so excited to partner with Blue Print Lighting  on completely customized lighting for Saleh’s room.  Blue Print Lighting allows you to customize everything from the lighting fixture’s color and metal finish to the fixture’s dimensions and design.  We loved the midcentury modern feel of the statement-making Counterbalance chandelier .  After pouring over the wide array of absolutely gorgeous enamel and metallic finish samples, we decided on getting the fixture in the white enamel finish with a cool polished chrome detail.

The architectural silhouette and the massive size will really command attention in the room and will draw the eye up.  What’s really cool about the Counterbalance fixture is that each of its 3 tiers offer 360-degree arm rotation, allowing the user to create their own custom configuration once the fixture is installed.

DESIGN TIP: The right lighting in a space is a complete game changer. Lighting can be used to set a mood, make a space feel larger, or help illuminate specific areas such as a work space, reading nook or kitchen prep area. Using multiple sources of light in your room’s design is a trick in the designer’s tool bag that helps elevate the look of the space.

Saleh is an avid reader. To give him lighting options for late night reading (instead of the overhead chandelier), the plan is to also install bedside wall sconces.  We are going with the dimmable  Pop wall sconces in a black on black finish to keep the sleek, classic, cool vibe going. Love the unique sculptural design of these fixtures!  What makes the lighting in this space even more special is that I got to design the key elements of the fixture with my son. Can’t wait to have these fixtures installed in the room!

POP Wall Sconce

Modern Style Seating

Next up is the stunning executive chair from WovenbyrdThe modern style office chair checks all the boxes. Its comfortable enough for pulling all night study sessions and stylish enough, with its button tufting and contrast fabrics to effortlessly be incorporated into a higher end looking design. The durable aluminum base with casters ties in nicely with all of the chrome accents I’ll be using in the space.

If these Walls Could Talk


This stunning Black Linen Grasscloth wallpaper  from Tempaper will be the foundation of the room’s design.  It has just the moody sophisticated and curated vibe we are going for in the space.  I absolutely love the versatility in wallpaper that’s completely removable. It’s simple to install and can be cleanly and easily to removed when you’re ready for a new look.  Removable wallpaper is a fun way to add pattern and color in a space or accent wall without being afraid of the effort or cost to remove the paper down the line.

Did I mention that this wallpaper is also textured?  The texture combined with hints of metallic details will add subtle visual interest and be the backdrop for an both an array of collected visual art and some of Saleh’s favorite sneakers which we’ll also be showcasing as art in the room. He’s excited to see his grown up space come to life and so am I.  Stay tuned friends! Next week, we’ll dive into the game plan for the room so many have been waiting to see – the primary bedroom.  It will be a transformation like no other.

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