A great way to usher in the summer season and create an inviting feel in your space is to infuse some greenery. While decorating with fresh flowers is also a wonderful way to introduce color into your space, house plants typically last longer than cut flowers and can provide interesting texture and shape to compliment most decor styles.

Incorporating plants into your decor can also be more cost effective than weekly trips to the florist for fresh cut flowers.

Adding greenery in even the simplest of designs can help bring in some of the elements of nature typically found outdoors as well as create a relaxing, zen-like sense of harmony.

The sculptural beauty of a plant’s leaves can add visual interest in a space.

The palm fronds shown in the gorgeous interiors below make just as much of a style statement in the space as the room’s décor.

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. Cacti, which only require sunlight and minimal water, can add both visual interest and texture to the space.

 Although they are traditionally used in outdoor design, cacti make great indoor plants too.

Ficus Lyrata or the infamous fiddle leaf fig is a decorator’s dream. With it’s broad, vibrant green leaves and it’s potential to grow to soaring heights, it’s been spotted in stylish interiors on the pages of shelter magazines from Elle Décor to Domino Magazine.

Drawing the eye up, it’s absolutely stunning in a space with tall ceilings.

Although the fiddle leaf fig has been the go-to plant for top designers, there are certainly lots of other great greenery options to chose, no matter what the style of the space.


Each type of plant is unique in it’s its beauty and features and can be selected based on your room’s design aesthetic.

Here is a round up of my favorite plants to use along with the types of spaces they are best suited to decorate.

Modern/ Contemporary Space

If your home has a more modern aesthetic, try using succulents or air plants in your decor.

Traditional Space

Topiaries or preserved boxwood look stately and work great in more traditional settings.

Eclectic / Bohemian Space

Since eclectic design typically features a variety of styles, color and finishes, an eclectic styled space can accommodate a mixture of plant types. Ferns, cati, fiddle leaf figs and even snake plants are versatile enough to work well in these spaces.
So, are you ready to breathe life into your home decor by adding some greenery?  I’d love to see how you incorporate plants in YOUR home’s decor.
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