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Saudah Saleem

A native New Yorker, Saudah’s interior design work combines the excitement, energy and diversity of the city with the practicality of everyday life. Saudah is passionate about design and enjoys working with clients to create a look for their home that truly reflects their style and personality. Her goal as a designer is to help clients refresh, renew and re-imagine their living spaces.

Saudah believes that everyone deserves to love the space they live in and prides herself on her ability to create beautiful spaces with virtually any budget. Greatly influenced by her love of fashion, culture, art, and history, Saudah loves using pattern, unexpected color combinations and a mix of both elegant and eclectic design elements to create an aesthetic that is both sophisticated yet approachable.

“The first rule that I learned about design is that rules are meant to be broken. Who says you can’t use dark colors in a small space? Who says you can’t mix antique furniture with modern art? The world is governed by rules, your home doesn’t have to be.”


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