Curb Appeal: “The attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street.”

First impressions are everything. The best way to welcome guests and make a great first impression is with an inviting entryway. Making a positive first impression on your guests by improving your home’s curb appeal can easily be done in one weekend.

Although we’re entering the last few weeks of summer, it’s not too late to give your home’s exterior a mini makeover.

You know I love color.  Our front door with its bold yellow hue, lets our arriving guests know that right away. Would you believe I found this gorgeous array of vibrant flowers at our local garden center?

I love how the fuchsia, white and purple flowers I selected really provide a nice contrast to the color of the front door.  I added a pair of window boxes and a large planter to complete the new look.

The entire project was finished in just one day!

Our home’s updated exterior looks great with the easy addition of a traditional style planter, window boxes and vibrant flowers.  I love the way it turned out!

You can make the most of your home’s appearance with these 3 quick and simple upgrades:


A fresh coat of paint can completely reinvent your front door. Your front door is the first thing people see. Make a statement by painting the door a vibrant hue.  A colorful front door creates a welcoming tone,customizes the look of your home and is a great way to introduce guests to your personal style.

If bright colors aren’t your thing, you can always go with a more classic and timeless color.  My personal favorite classic color on a front door is black.  There is just something so chic and sophisticated about a black lacquered front door with classic hardware.


Whether via window boxes, a container garden or planting them in your front lawn, fresh flowers have a way of improving your mood, adding color and dimension to a space.

Fill 2-3 planters of varying heights with flowers and place them by your front door for a cheerful and welcoming display.

Window boxes brimming with colorful flowers and foliage add charm to the home’s facade.

If you’re like me and are often short on the time and energy required to maintain larger beds of flowers or gardens, then installing window boxes is a wonderful alternative.

Plant flowers along your walkway leading to your front door. visual impact to the facade


You’d be surprised how much changing out your door’s hardware after applying a fresh coat of paint to in an inviting hue, will boost your entryway’s appearance. 

From bronze to brass, there are many stunning door knocker and door handle finish and style options on the market to choose from.

Once you’ve switched out your hardware, consider adding a kickplate to your door as well.  Kickplates are both functional and decorative. Attach a kickplate to the bottom of the front door to protect against scuff marks and to add some unexpected “bling.” The kickplate on the eggplant colored door below is simple but add visual interest and personality to the entryway. 

    So are you ready to make a change that will have an immediate impact on your home’s exterior? Check out my CURB APPEAL board on Pinterest for more ideas and tips on how to add curb appeal with style and ease.

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